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5-GULCH newz

Hey. I finished my book. It wrecked my brain.

Reblogged from my writing diary:


I edited the hard copy (two weeks), then edited the digital copy (one week), and finally spent two 12-hour days revising on a larger scale, chapter by chapter, trying to fix things I could never seem to resolve and probably failing again. Then I sent 5-GULCH to a friend and threw the hard copy into a filing cabinet in a closed off, freezing cold office, so I wouldn’t be tempted to obsessively look at it and torture myself with all the bad sentences!! Revision binges aren’t good for me. Now everything I read sounds a little wrong. I need a break. I’m going out. It’s cold and foggy. It’s fine. I’m also remembering my plan to finish 5-G by last February, and it’s almost a year later, which is also fine and the way it had to be. Three years. I loved working on it, but the book is a lonely one and it was lonely writing it. Time to get out. ❤

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