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4 things

1. another piece of a different essay I’m working on (someday they will be whole, or whole-ish): 

In the story of the avalanche that demolished a house on my street the year we moved here, the man returning to the remains of his house—concrete steps at the base of the hill—always expects it to be there, but it never is.

I know you are not there, waiting for me—not as I imagine, or hope. Yet, when I go to you, I expect things I imagine I remember.

[UPDATE: This eventually became part of a thing that was published here: https://entropymag.org/the-stairs-at-the-bottom-of-the-mountain-by-tasha-leclair/].

2. I’m 30 (unsloppy) pages into my third book, a novel I’m calling “Uncanny Valley” for now. Even though I don’t plot out my fiction, the first 30 tell me a lot about the lay of the land and whether it’s worthwhile to keep going or scrap it. I like UV! I’ll keep going. [UPDATE: First draft (250 pages) finished 8/10/18.]

3. Still trying to sell my first books. They have been described as “wholly original” and “claustrophobic”. They’re the kind of things I would want to read; they’re not for everyone.

4. This is me as a teenager:



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